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Soulful Recipes
Digest # 117 December 6th, 2000
Brought to you by http://chitterlings.com

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There are 15 messages in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

1. Re: Re: Pre-cleaned Chitterlings
From: Vernadine Williams
2. THREE Great Chitterling Recipes
From: "zeak crawford"
3. Re: Fwd: Pot Roast Recipe
From: "Bill Koetting"
4. RE: save a bundle make your own chai teas.
From: Lisa Morrison
5. Re: save a bundle make your own chai teas.
From: "Ken Crawford"
6. Pot Roast Recipe
From: linda/tennessee
7. Re: Pork Chops
From: Tracye Davis
8. Re: Pork Chops
From: "Teresa Harvey"
9. Re: What Items Are On Your Christmas Menu
From: "J Townsend"
10. Re: Here Is A Great Source For Pre-Cleaned Chitterlings,
Country Ham, BBQ, Etc!
From: "J Townsend"
11. Re: Re: Pre-cleaned Chitterlings
From: Jecina
12. Re: What Items Are On Your Christmas Menu
From: "ambrose"
13. Check out Pitter's Cherokee Trails - Indian Cookin' - Recipe
From: lindam65
14. Re: chai tea recipe.rpost
From: jo godbless777
15. chia tea...3...
From: jo godbless777


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Message: 1
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 12:39:17 -0600
From: Vernadine Williams
Subject: Re: Re: Pre-cleaned Chitterlings

>I have a meat market in Washington D.C. and have had very
>good reviews from Queenella Brand pre-cleaned pork
>chitterlings. Have you tried them? If so,
>would you please let me know what you think of them!
> George Lesznar
> Harvey's Market

I also have tried the Queenella Brand pre-cleaned chitterlings.
They are not as clean as Aunt Bessie and they only come in 2
lb packages (at least that is the only size I have seen),
whereas Aunt Bessie comes in 4 or 5 lb package.

Message: 2
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 18:07:36 -0000
From: "zeak crawford"
Subject: THREE Great Chitterling Recipes

Here are three great chitterling recipes.
They are from http://stevens-sausage.com
A great source for chitterlings, pork
barbecue, and country hams.

If you get a chance to visit their website
or give them a call be sure to tell them
that Willie Crawford sent you.

Chitlins with Rice

2 lbs Chopped Stevens Chitterlings
8 onion slices
8 green pepper slices
1 and 1/2 cups uncooked rice
2 cups water

Brown the chitlins in a large skillet. Place in buttered
baking dish. Cover the chitlins with the onion and the pepper
slices. Cover with rice and pour the water over all of it.
Put a lid on the skillet and place in oven and cook at 350
degrees for about an hour until rice is done. Serve with
tomato pudding and turnip greens

Chitlins and Dumplings

4 lbs Stevens Chitterlings, cut into 4 in. lengths
2 and 1/2 cups self rising flour
1 cup vegetable shortening
1 cup boiling water
salt and pepper to taste
2 dashes paprika

Boil the chitlins in four quarts lightly salted water until
tender. Remove the chitlins from the broth. Cut in shortening
with fork and add boiling water, small amounts at a time.
Shape the mixture into a ball and roll into a thin sheet on a
lightly floured tray or surface. Then cut into strips and drop
them into 3 quarts of the boiling chitlin broth. Cover and
let cook for about ten minutes. Salt and pepper to taste and
return the chitlins to the broth. Serve with green beans and
fried okra.

Chitlins and Cabbage

3 lbs. cooked Stevens Chitterlings chopped into 2 in. lengths
2 small cabbages cut into eighths
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp salt

Bring water to boil in a large pot. Add the chilitns and
cabbage, cover and simmer for about half an hour or a little
less. Add salt and pepper as desired. Pour off about half the
water and serve with fried okra and mash potatoes.

Willie Crawford


Message: 3
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 11:17:41 -0500
From: "Bill Koetting"
Subject: Re: Fwd: Pot Roast Recipe

Hey, Willie...I posted a good pot roast recipe....
check it out.

Thanks Bill.

Message: 4
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 12:30:38 -0600
From: Lisa Morrison
Subject: RE: save a bundle make your own chai teas.

This is a recipe that my 10 year old daughter LOVES!!

You need:

1 small box of elbow macaroni
1 8 ounce package of shredded mild cheddar cheese
1 small jar of cheez whiz
1 egg
1/4 cup of milk
2 tablespoons of butter
Paprika (to taste)
salt and pepper (to taste)

Preheat oven to 300. Boil the macaroni and drain. Put the
macaroni noodles back in the pot and add the cheez whiz
(take the top of and microwave it for 30 seconds - it pours
easier). Add 1 slightly beaten egg, 1/4 cup of milk and
butter. Mix this together until all ingredients are mixed.
Add seasonings (feel free to taste). Spray a 1 quart glass
dish (Corning, etc.) with non stick spray. Pour 1/3 of the
macaroni mixture in the bottom. Add 1/3 of the shredded
cheese. Repeat this layering step ending with the shredded
cheese on top. Top with paprika. Bake covered in the oven
at 325 for about 20 minutes. Take the top off and bake for
10 more minutes.

Makes plenty.


-----Original Message-----
From: hilda spencer
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 1:58 PM
To: chitterlings@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [chitterlings] save a bundle make your own
chai teas.

please send me a recipe for mac and cheese.

hilda spencer
(773) 377-5000 x6650 - voicemail/fax
Message: 5
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 14:55:28 -0500
From: "Ken Crawford"
Subject: Re: save a bundle make your own chai teas.


Here it is Mac & Cheese


Macaroni and Cheese


5 cups cooked macaroni
(approx 4 cups uncooked)
5 tbsp butter
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
3 cups milk
2 cups shredded mozarella cheese
4 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Cook the macaroni until done as usual.
Do not overcook it. Drain macaroni in

Place macaroni, butter, salt,pepper,
milk, mozarella cheese, and 3 cups of
cheddar cheese in casserole dish. Mix
eggs in a bowl first and then stir into

Cover everything with aluminum foil and
cook for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Uncover and add extra cup of cheddar
cheese across the top. Bake uncovered
for another 15 minutes.


Message: 6
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 17:49:07 -0500
From: linda/tennessee
Subject: Pot Roast Recipe

bless your heart.........well, here is a web site that makes
very easy and good food........for my pot roast.......
i take a large chuck roast........season it......salt pepper,
etc. put it in a pan with a package Lipton onion soup mix and
about 3 cups water. cover with foil.....put it in the oven at
325 degrees for about 2 hours......i also add onions, cut up and carrots and potatoes also cut up....yummmy

here is a site for you.......


Message: 7
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 15:27:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Tracye Davis
Subject: Re: Pork Chops

Hello Tanya, my name is Tracye, and I want to know how
do you make chicken or beef gravy? Thanks. I'm a
rookie at cooking. Thanks.
--- Tanya Hendricks wrote:

Message: 8
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 11:46:49 -0600
From: "Teresa Harvey"
Subject: Re: Pork Chops

How about a recipe for some good baked pork chops w/gravy?
I need some serious help. I love to cook but sometimes I
mess up on my meals. My husband grew up on soul food (his
family is from mississippi) and he likes to eat. I was
spoiled rotten growing up because I didn't have to do
anything but eat and sleep so when I got married I didn't
know how to boil water...and I still can't cook eggs.

I have gotten so much better, but I still have problems such
as burning my food or my gravy not turning out right. I have
mastered my greens...Praise GOD! My husband tells me that
it's so good it taste like meat. smile. My lasagna is pretty
good but I could always try different things. Please help.
We are a young christian couple just trying to stay focused

Be Blessed!!

Message: 9
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 19:52:01 -0500
From: "J Townsend"
Subject: Re: What Items Are On Your Christmas Menu

Please let me know when the Christmas/New Years menu is
posted, I checked the site today it was not there also I am
looking for a recipe for peach cobbler if any one has
anything please send


Message: 10
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 19:57:51 -0500
From: "J Townsend"
Subject: Re: Here Is A Great Source For Pre-Cleaned
Chitterlings, Country Ham, BBQ, Etc!



Message: 11
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 21:30:26 EST
From: Jecina
Subject: Re: Re: Pre-cleaned Chitterlings

I have purchased Queenella pre-cleaned Chitterlings several
times. The first couple of times they were fairly clean.
The last time, Thanksgiving 1999, Pre-cleaned they were not
and I have pictures to prove it. It took hours to clean 6
packages. I was very upset.


Message: 12
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 12:06:11 +1000
From: "ambrose"
Subject: Re: What Items Are On Your Christmas Menu

looking for a good gumbo recipe can someone help?
Message: 13
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 21:49:45 EST
From: lindam65
Subject: Check out Pitter's Cherokee Trails -
Indian Cookin' - Recipes

<A HREF="http://rosecity.net/cherokee/recipes.html#14
Minute Maple">Click here: Pitter's Cherokee Trails - Indian
Cookin' - Recipes</A>

14 Minute Maple Fudge
4 cups maple syrup
1 cup whipping cream
1/4 cup butter
1 cup chopped nuts
1 tea. lemon extract
Cook maple syrup, cream and butter. Boil 9 minutes more after
it stands to boil. Remove from heat, add nuts, lemon and stir
with a wooden spoon for 5 minutes. Pour into buttered pan.


Message: 14
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 02:49:10 -0800
From: jo <godbless777>
Subject: Re: chai tea recipe.rpost 2

[Fwd: [4on4] chai tea
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 10:28:36
jo wrote:

How I Make Gujarati Chai for my Parents

Hi, my name is Neha Jadiya and I live in Toronto. I was
wondering if I could add to your list of chai recipes.
This is how I make gujarati chai for my parents:

(For one person)

1)Put half a cup water and half a cup
milk in a pot.
2)Add a quarter a teaspoon chai
masala (this depends on how strong
it is).
3)Add one teaspoon sugar.
4)Add one teaspoon loose tea (or
one teabag)
5)Add a little kesar.
6)Bring all these to a boil on
MAXIMUM. Turn down to MEDIUM
and simmer for a while.
7)Serve and enjoy!


Simple one cup chai
Shyamala Parameswaran

I put a mug/cup of water to boil.

Add a 3/4 inch piece of ginger, crushed with
a mallet to it and let the water boil a couple
of minutes (to get the ginger essence in),
then pour over tea-leaves (amt. depends on
what tea leaves are used - I use Darjeeling
and throw in one and a half heaped tsp) and
let steep two mins. or until leaves are
settled at the bottom of the pot.

Pour into mug add milk, sugar and enjoy!


Romantic Chai:


Put 2 ilaichis in water.
Put one thin slice of ginger
Let it boil.
Add Taj Mahal tea
Add milk (or micorwave it


1) When it is raining. Place yourself
at place from where you can see
shafts of water connecting sky with

Play the song or sing if you can:
"Rim-jhim gire sawan..."

2) When you're snowbound. Light the
fire (in fireplace) Once again watch
the earth getting dressed in fresh


BTW: I'd marry someone who loves
tea !!


Chai for one person
Manish Chhatralia

Here is the method of how to make chai as
you requested:

1. Add water in pan.
2. Add sugar, tea leaves and spices.
3. Bring to boil and simmer for a
minute or so.
4. Add milk.
5. Bring to boil and simmer for 3-5
6. Strain tea in teapot.

To make chai for one person, one needs:

1 cup of water, see 1. above.
1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of
tea leaves and 1/4 teaspoon of
spices, see 2. above. (depending on
how sweet, strong and spicy)
1/4 cup of milk, see 4. above.
(depending on how milky)

NOTE: this tea is made with water but
equally can be made with milk.

Spices can generally be
proportioned as follows:

A. 1 one 1.5 inch cinnamon stick.
B. 3-4 cardamoms (with shell).
C. 2-3 peppercorns.
D. 2-3 cloves
E. 1/2 teaspoon of ginger powder.
Grind into a powder the items A-D
and add E.

In winter fresh ginger chai is very good, add
1cm2 chopped ginger with the spices. Can
also add pepper at the same time to give a
warm feeling.

The spice list I mentioned is not complete.
We usually add about 10 to 12 different
types of spices for chai ground together. I
am sorry I do not know the name of them in

I hope this helps you,

Manish Chhatralia.


Making one cup of ginger chai
Yogesh Maheshwari


Well read your message
Well these are the steps to make
chai for making one cup of chai

1. take half cup of water in an
2. put spoonful of tea leaves,
crushed ginger and sugar as needed
and optionally crushed cardamom
into the water
3. boil the mixture for about 3-4
minute based upon how strong chai
u need
4. pour half cup of milk into it
5. again boil for a few minutes
6. filter it into a cup or glass

well u can now enjoy ur cup of ginger chai

happy tea makings



Glenn's "Microwave
Glenn Freeman

Glenn's "Microwave

1) Make a fresh pot of tea (assam works
well) and transfer this to a thermos,so it
stays hot. Also, please be sure that this
thermos is not made in China, until they
improve their human rights record.

2) Mix together the following in a
microwave-safe cup and zap it on high for
about 1.5 minutes (until just before boiling):

1 heaping tablespoon of sugar
1/4 cup of milk (highfat)
1/4 teaspoon chai masala powder
(homemade or MDH)

3) Add hot tea to fill the cup; mix
and drink.

4) Repeat 2) and 3) for up to two


Make chai from scratch
Paul Ganesh

Why not try and make chai from scratch?
You can vary the following according to
taste. I love the stuff as an
alternative. In India almost every street corner
has a "chai" stall where its popularity makes
even the most modest business a going concern :-)

1/3 water
2/3 milk
1 teaspoon of tea for each cup
measure (plus a bit extra) freshly
chopped ginger
cardamom pods
a little piece clove (optional)
enough sugar to make it sweet

Throw it all into a suacepan cold and bring
slowly to a boil. When boiling turn up the
heat and swirl it around until it reaches the
desired strength and the spices provide a
kick. Strain it into small glasses.


Microwaved Indian Chai
Ibarahim Al-Rashdan

The secret of making a good cup of Indian
Chai from a regular tee bag:

Crush two peices of cardamon, add
to it little safrone (optional) add the
cushed mixture to the tee in the
tee-bag after opening restaple the

Put your cup of water in the
microwave for two minutes (until the
water boils, then take the cup out
add the tee bag immediately, move
the tee-bag until the required strength.

Then add your evaporated milk to
required taste.
Your instant Indian chai is ready

Enjoy it, please let me know if you have
better way to improve the microwaved
Indian chai.



Masala spice Chai


(Masala=spice Chai=tea)


3 - 4 Tea Spoons/4 Teabags of good
tea (Darjeeling/Orange
A chunk of dry ginger (or fresh
ginger if dry isn't handy)
3 - 4 cardmom pods, crushed (See

Note below)
3 Cloves
Small piece of cinnamon
A Tsp of SOANP
(I don't know the name. Can be
found at Indian grocers. Also indian
restaurants keep this for your
pleasure after dinner. Looks like
cummin seeds)
1 or 2 whole black peppers
Sugar to taste
Milk (at least Vitamin D, low fat
won't do)


Bring 2 cups of water to boil
(microwave or otherwise). Add all

the ingredients and boil again for
about 15 seconds. Let stand for a

Warm milk in a pot.

Filter tea into cups.

Add milk and sugar. That's IT.

If you don't like to spend much time, mix all
the spices and coarsley grind them. Boil
water and add tea and a tsp of this ground
spices. Rest is as above.

Note: Since cardmom is expensive I peel
them and add the skin to my stock of tea
leaves. This gives a distinct aroma. Of
course you boil the skin with water.


Simple Indian Milk Tea
Padma Talasila

It's very simple.

For one cup tea :

tea bags : 2
water: 2/3 cups
milk: 1/2 cup
masala: 1 cardomom or small
piece of crushed ginger
sugar: 1 teaspoon

Put tea bags in water and let it
boil vigorously for 5 minutes.
Pour in milk and add sugar. Let it
boil until the milk rises.
Add crushed cardomom pods or
Serve hot.

If you use ginger, take it out of tea
before drinking. You can also use
teapowder in which case, you need to
filter tea as you would do for coffee.

For better taste, tea should be
boiled for long time. The more you boil,
the more creamy it will be.

I find that tea powder is better than
tea bags. The amount of sugar can be
varied with your taste.
Message: 15
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 02:50:47 -0800
From: jo <godbless777>
Subject: chia tea...3...

jo wrote:

herbal chai
chai Concentrate + mocha &
herbal chai
FROM: Allen Mayer
In my tea room business I now
make and serve my own chais. Here's
how I do it:


For a mocha chai, use
chocolate milk instead of white.

For herbal chai, replace the
Darjeeling with 1 tsp. each of
chamomile, fennel seed and

Chai Concentrate Recipe:

Crush together:

2 tsp. black pepper,
2 tsp. fresh ginger root
6 pods of cardomon
10 inches of cinammon stick
3 tsp. cloves
Add to 8 cups of water.
Bring to a boil and
cook on medium for 10 minutes. I
do mine in the microwave.

Add 8 tsp. of tea. I use Darjeeling OP. Steep
for 8 minutes or so. Stain out the spices and
tea. Add 1 tsp. of vanilla and 3 tsp. of honey.
This can be refrigerated for weeks. Heat up
as needed and add an equal amount of
steamed milk. Top with cinnamon.


Chandra Chai Moon
Kimberley Hasselbrink
This recipe is the
culmination of much
experimentation in my
kitchen. I have
omitted black tea, as I am
not fond of
caffeine. The resulting tea
follows in the
tradition sprung up on the
west coast,
particularly the SF bay
area, where a
fondness for strong spices
and lots o' ginger
seems to be most favored,
savored and

**Chandra Chai**

12 (+) silver dollar-sized
pieces fresh ginger
(to your taste) 4-5 sticks
cinnamon, broken
into little pieces 1 Tblspn
(T.) plus 1 tspn (t.)
plus 1/2 t. green
cardamom pods 2 t. plus 1/4
t. black peppercorns

1 t. whole cloves
1/2 t. fennel seeds
1/2 t. licorice root
1/2 t. allspice berries
1 vanilla bean (optional)
5 cups water
3 T. honey
soy milk or cow milk

Combine all ingredients,
excepting the
honey and milk, with cold
water in a pot.
Cover snugly! Simmer over
a medium-low
flame for 50 minutes.
Remove from heat, but
let sit, covered, for another
40-50 minutes.
Filter the dreamy concoction
into a suitable
container. Stir in the honey and
add enough
milk to taste.


Iced Coffeehouse Chai
Judith Favia
At my coffeehouse, we make
iced Chai Tea
fresh for each customer, using
Republic of
Tea Chai (brewed fresh or
brewed and then
iced). It is made exactly like
Iced Thai or
Vietnamese coffee: 2 oz of
condensed milk with 8 oz of
tea. You have to
stir harder for iced, but both
are delicious.
Thank you for including our
Cahoots Coffee
Bar recipe for iced chai. I have
been reading
of those at home. We use
Republic of Tea
Chai because it has the spices
mixed into
the tea leaves, and the
condensed milk combines the
milk and
sugar. Our recipe makes it
easy for our staff
to make good quality chai
every time,
without haveing to measure
spices and boil
the sugar and milk.

However, as winter here in the
North County
(Minnesota) approaches, I
think some hot
chai would be terrific. I'll
experiment and
post my findings for those
of you who want
to serve it in coffee
houses or at work
where you don't have a


Non-fat Masala Chai
Umesh Reghuram

Each family (especially in
India) has its own
variety of spicy and
beneficial chai recipes.
In this particular recipe I
have married
successfully (so I've been
frequently told)
the current awareness of
having as much
"nonfat" ingredients as
possible and the
satisfaction that arises
from having a
full-bodied cup of chai!

(makes 3 cups)

3 cups of Water (please,
not hot!)

1 teaspoon Chai Masala
(recipe given below)
2 to 3 teaspoons loose Tea
Leaves (or 3
tea-bags) 1/4 cup (or more)
Skimmed Milk (more
information given
below) Sugar (or Equal or
Nutrasweet) to

Place the water and chai
masala in a
saucepan and put to boil
over high heat.
Reduce heat to medium
low, cover the
saucepan and simmer for 5
minutes. Add the
tea leaves (or tea bags).
Please note that
the amount can be varied
depending on
personal preference.
Continue to boil for
about 1 more minute. Add
the evaporated
skimmed milk (directly
from the can). Boil
once more.

Strain and pour into
individual cups or tea
kettle. Serve with sugar
Equal/Nutrasweet) on the

Savor it by yourself or
enjoy it with good


about 3

1 black cardamom pod
Seeds from 25 green
4 cloves
1/2 tea spoon fennel
seeds (variyali)
1/4 teaspoon black
1/4 teaspoon carom
seeds (ajwain) -
Optional 1 tea spoon
dried, ground
ginger powder
1 tea spoon ground

Grind all the ingredients in
a spice grinder
until fine. Remove into a
glass bottle & store
in cool, dark place. This
blend stays fresh for
about 6 months.

- Evaporated Skimmed
Milk is available in cans in
most supermarkets in the dried
milk, coffee, sugar section.
This is available in several
brands, the most popular
being 'Carnation' by Nestle
Food Company.

Please note that is Nonfat
(Vitamins A & D
added) evaporated milk and
has 100 calories
per 1/2 cup serving. Any
questions, please
call Carnation directly at
Mon-Fri, 8 AM to 4 PM
Pacific Time.


Chai Milkshake
Rocky Fretz

Try this!

Mix your favorite Chai
(with milk already
added) to your favorite ice
cream. Blend.
Wahlah! A great
honey-ginger milkshake.

God bless. Ivory.



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