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Hi Mr. Crawford,

I want to thank you for the best cookbook on the market. I am talking about your book of course. Thanks your wonderful recipe I was able to make baked chicken like my mom. The first time I tried it your recipe came out right on the money. There is nothing like great down home cooking. I appreciate you and your ability to make cooking easy for people like me.

Best Wishes!
Desiree Carter" Welcome Friend,

I'm Willie Crawford, and I created this website back in 1997 to share with you soul food recipes I learned while growing up on the farm in North Carolina. Recipes like: Collard Greens, Sweet Potato Pie, Southern Pound Cake, Homemade Biscuits, Banana Pudding, North Carolina-style Pulled Pork Barbecue, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Hush Puppies, Southern Fried Chicken, Fried Catfish, Pinto Beans With Ham Hocks, and tons of others.

When I first built this site I started out by posting about 20 of these great recipes right on the website. Then I invited all website visitors to join our mailing list and share their favorite recipes with each other. Since then, literally thousand of soul food and old-family recipes have been shared by website visitors.

Now we're inviting YOU to join the fun. To become a part of our online family, just click here and fill in the box to receive free recipes via email.

Every day, list members email in their request for hard to find recipes to list members.

Everyday, other list members share favorite recipes with the thousands of list members.

These daily requests are edited and and the list is sent out to tens of thousands of members by our trusty editor Joleene Smith!

Here is what some of our list members have to say about our recipe exchange mailing list:

"All the wonderful recipes that are found on Willie's site are straight from the hearts and souls of the sharers! So much love and joy are a part of these offerings. My heart AND my tummy are happy with each post that comes to me.... Don't ever stop!!!!!

Judye Freeman"

"This is a photo of my Grandsons and I at Christmas last year!!We had gone 4 wheeling!

I live in a tiny village of about 300 people in extreme northwest La. I am a 59 year old widow who still loves to cook! I manage a cooking group and am an asst on anotherThe owner of this Group ,Willie, is just tops in my book!!On the whole, I don't think anyone could do better if they love good people and good food, than to join this group!!.I still find time to post ard visit other groups!!What I really like about this digest, is the plain, good old fashioned cooking that I was raised on and still like to cook!

I am really looking forward to learning more about others in this wonderful bunch!!!God Bless!!!

Shirley Taylor"

"Ever since I started recieving recipes from your site....My husband loves my cooking he can't get enough of it thank you Joleen for making a web site like this.


"I received your email. First, sorry I dont have a photo to attach. But the receipes on this site are great. I look forward to the daily updates .

The cookbook I ordered is the best of the probably hundred I have.

I do have some unique cook books that were left to from my grandmother that date back to early l950s. Would be glad to share some of the receipes .

Please keep the updates coming .

Austin Cruce
Brush Creek, TN"

"For over a year, I believe, I've been receiving awesome recipes from www.chitterlings.com. Whenever I request a recipe, someone ALWAYS respond w/ not only that particular recipe, but more. I've been educated on many things. After forwarding a few recipes to my sister, she too signed up to begin receiving recipes from this site.

The people are really great and I plan to continue to be apart of the www.chitterlings.com family for a long time. Thanks for the Great Recipes!!!






"Hello to all of ya's I have been getting your recipes off line for a while now, the food is very similar to what I was brought up on. I like the pinch of this or that because that is exactly what I do and it is very hard to write down a recipe for that reason.

I have been passing them around the office where I work, and telling everyone about them.

I finally got my recipe book yesterday and just love it. I could not put it down until I had gone cover to cover.

Thanks again.

Mary from Sarasota, Florida"

"Hi Jolene , Having been in the food service industry for 60 some years , {I started washing dishes in a restaurant when I was 14 years old} I went thru Cooks & Bakers school & Thru mess management School and Food Service Supervisor Training in the service . Have owned and operated Seafood Restaurants,Processing plants , and am now retired . I enjoy the recipes and only wish I would have had access to them in the years gone by. I will recommend your web site at every opportunity. And will try to get some recipes of my own to you . Sincerely ,

Wm "Bill" Whitford

Portland , Oregon"

"When ever I need a good recipe, your web site always provides me with good meals to prepare. I have not found recipes like yours since I have had my computer and stumbled upon your site about four years ago. I have enjoyed every recipe that I tried. They are good down home and anywhere cooking recipes. Keep up the GOOD WORK. Please don't ever leave. I NEED YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!


G Williams"

"Hi Joleene: Being born and raised in the south (Niceville, Florida) I was so excited when I found your web site. I have found recipes that my mother and grandmother use to make, that I had forgotten about. I look forward everyday to receiving your new list of recipes. Thank you for such a wonderful web site.

Jean Ferrari"

"I have Enjoyed this Recipe Site very much. I have tried some of the Recipes and I have Submitted some also. I find the Tips helpful.

I think it's great, that we can Write for Recipe Requests... and Get Results. Everyone seems so Friendly. Keep up the Good Work!!!

Harriet Foreman"

Harriet M. Foreman, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Testing
TSTC - Waco
3801 Campus Dr.
Waco, Tx. 76705


"Hi: I've really enjoyed the recipes that are printed. I'm forever printing some of them. I know I will be using them sometime or another. Keep up the good work.

Rudell Rickenberg"

"Ms. Jolene, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all of our members, for all of the GREAT recipies, that are posted on the site. Please keep up the good work, and keep all of those good recipies coming.

Be blessed in the LORD!!!


Phillip P."Andy" Andrews"

"Gee I can't even imagine what cooking was like before "more soulful recipes" came about. I really look forward to reading the recipes daily. I have gained as much from the reply posting as the recipes themselves. If I don't get a post daily I really feel cheated. I have saved each and every post so I can refer back to them. Thanks for giving me such good stuff. Charlotte"

"HI ! ALL : Every since i signed up for the receipe service i began to experience my childhood over again. I can remember that my mom and granny would go to the farm when he was butchering the hogs, and they would get a couple heads to make head cheese and get the brains for my dad.

He loved pork brains with his eggs in the morning. Also the feet, mom would either bbq them or pan fry them. I was also raised in North Carolina, High Point.

The one thing we always loved is pork fat hunny!!! Now that i,m getting older i have got to watch what i eat, but for my comfort food i always return to the hog. Keep up the good work with all the various receipes you provide to us! thank you! We love the great cookbook we purchased, its makes me home sick for some more of moms cooking.

terry m. mooney"

"I am an older, semi-retired batchelor that has always enjoyed cooking. I read most recipes that I find but use few as presented. I always modify or use them for ideas to create something of my own. Your site gives me a wealth of ideas and would be lost without it. Thanks for youe effort. WB

I really enjoy the chitterlings.com recipe site. I like a lot of old fashioned southern and soul food recipes, which I find lots of on chitterlings.com.

Debbie Bliss"

"I really enjoy your newsletter as I get some teriffic recipes! Each newsletter has at least one, if not more, recipe that I look forward to making. Thanks for your time and efforts. Sheila Torres"

"Since I have joined Chitterlings.com I have introduced it to my best friend and we have cooked and compared. I have tried several of the recipes and also use some of them as a basis for when I want to get into the kitchen and just "experiment." I encourage anyone who is reading and not yet a member to join. It's a perfect site for recipes of anything you have ever thought of cooking or for foods you've tasted and said... "I wonder what's in this to make it soooo good.

Much love and God bless
Bethany Wells"

"Joleene, I look forward to your daily messages, as I would a call or visit from a good friend. The recipes are wonderful. As a suggestion, it would be great if your site incorporated all of the new recipes into some type of search engine. Thanks again for all that you do.

Cynthia Engram"

"Jolene, Just wanted you to know what a great list you have. I am the hospitality chairperson for the Sierra Club in my area. I provide "goodies" for the general meetings, and have the executive committee meeting at my home. I also provide "goodies" for the Historical Society and the genealogical society in my area each month. I ran out of new things to take and make until I subscribed to your list. It is wonderful!!! I have used many of the recipes and not one failure. I have been asked for many recipes which I have copied off for many people. Thank you for the great job that you do.


"Joleene, I can not tell you how happy I am that I discovered this site. I've been a member for a while so I really don't remember how I did find it.

I love the recipes that I've gotten from this site. I look forward also to the emails with recipes in them. I've tried so many of the recipes and have found them flawless. I love comfort food and a lot of these recipes have provided that for my family and myself. I love to cook so I have definitely come to the right place.

I am also looking forward to ordering the new cookbook. I am such a collector of cookbooks but for some reason I feel this will be the best one yet!!!

Deborah Keough"

"I have been able to converse with a diverse group of people from across the country, individuals who were willing to answer questions regarding recipes, ingredients and recipe scaling. I have gotten some wonderful advice, and excellent recipes. Lynnette Brantley"

"I enjoy reading the recipes and have used several of them. Yesterday I tried the Sweet Potato Pound Cake recipe. It was delicious and really moist. I have already shared the recipe with several people.
Thank you.

Charlotte Hanner"

"Love this site!!! I get some many GOOD recipes.

Debbie McGowan"

"Chitterlings is a wonderful place. I have been a member for a long time and I have shared favorite recipes with others. I think the best part is learning new soulfood recipes that I had heard of but never tried.

Although I live in Ohio my father was born in Virginia and raised in West Virginia. His love of southern cooking encourged me to learn more and try more.

My German grand mother gave me the other side. She taught me dishes to die for, that are also inexpensive.

The people here who share foods from other cultures are so great. I have tried Mexican foods that are wonderful.

Everyone should at least give Chitterlings a try and read a few of the messages. If you aren't happy you can always unsubscibe but I can't imagine that happening.

Best wishes to Willie and Joleen.
Lois from Ohio"

"I came across Chitterlings.com quite by accident. I was searching for a recipe and Chitterlings.com was one of the sites

that the search engine found. The name was very unusual but to the point. I thought "this must be a soul food site", and it was. I was absolutely thrilled to find some of the food my grandmother cooked in recipe form. I love soul food and I like to cook it but could never seem to find the recipes that I wanted. I ordered the cookbook the first time that I logged on to Chitterlings.com. I have told all of my family and friends about the site and the cookbook.

Keep up the good work!

"This recipe site has truly been a wonderful experience for me since first discovered it last year! MORE SOULFUL RECIPES stands in a class all by itself! I have not missed a day since I became a member to visit the site and to read new and old recipes. I have met new friends and found many wonderful recipes from all over the country. I have never experienced a site that had so much to offer to it's members!

Lettie Griffin"

"Dear Joleen, I want you and everyone else to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed the terrific recipes you send. Your's is the first one I look at every day

and I have tried quite a few recipesand they were delicious. I love southern cooking and look forward to receiving many many more. Let's sign up good people and you'll see what you have been missing.

Jacqueline in Pa."

"I look forward to new recipes almost daily.Different recipes I've never seen, I get compliments on the food I have prepared from the recipes.I would be disappointed if I did not have my email filled with great recipes.Please keep them coming. Pat Waller"

"Dear Chitterlings,

I have been a member for some time, and I just love this site! Its a great way of getting wonderful recipes (like grandma used to make) and to share some of my family favorites. Keep up the great job and keep them comin' Thanks so much for an easy way to stay in contact with some great cooks!

Sincerely Yours,
Tara Norris"

"JOLENE: Your cooking newsletter is most informative. The recipes are great! They are down home-cooking recipes that I grew up with. I can relate to each of them. Not only did I learn cooking from my mother, but I also learned from my grand-mother who lived on a farm. Their meals consisted of foods they grew themselves. A lot of the recipes are some I remember well, the others are some I had forgotten about. The section where people write in wanting recipes are interesting also. Each of us have different tastes and we are willing to share the recipes. I also lived in Louisiana and learned to cook everything CAJUN I could. I am sorry I do not have a photo available to send. It would be interesting to see face to face the persons you are sharing recipes with.


"Dear Joleene:

I have been a member of the list since about June and I have gotten some really great recipes. I was interested in some Eggplant recipes before I joined the list and I got several good ones. One thing I like is the fact that you get so many variations of recipes. You can pick and choose whichever one you like. Keep up the good work!

Cola Harris"

Wow Willie, Sound's Like A Great List!

After joining our list, please continue exploring this site. There are tons of recipes, back issues of some of our recipe list, and Willie has even written a soul food cookbook that you'd absolutely love. For more on the cookbook, click here!

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